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Downloading and Purchasing Your Calendar

Putting Occasions on Your Calendar
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-One-time Occasions
-Recurring Occasions
-Editing Occasions

Viewing and Printing Days, Weeks, and Months

Customizing Your Calendar
-Adding Users
-To-do List
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Backing Up and Restoring Your Calendar
-Backing Up

About IDEAL Calendar

IDEAL Calendar is a calendar for your computer desktop. You can list an unlimited number of events on any day of the calendar, and you can view or print your schedule for any day, week or month. The calendar notifies you in advance of any scheduled event with a dialog box and musical chime. You can customize the calendar's features to meet your individual needs, and any number of people can use the program, each with his or her own personalized calendar. IDEAL Calendar is sold by IDEAL Computer Services, Inc., and copyright © 1997-2005.

About this Guide

This guide shows you how to download, install, purchase, and use the IDEAL Calendar.

Using this Guide

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for using the IDEAL Calendar, explaining the most important and basic tasks first. The arrows at the bottom of each page take you to the next page or the previous page of the guide. You can use the menu to the left to go to any section of the guide.

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Downloading and Purchasing Your Calendar