Eric Olson

Technical Writing

Houston, Texas 77054




These samples are from my courses in Brooklyn College's Technical Writing Certificate Program. My instructor for all courses was Dr. David McMurrey, who made valuable suggestions for revising these documents.

Note: for samples of my commercial work or to request a bid on a writing project, please contact me at

   User guide authored with Microsoft Word for "User Guides with Microsoft Word" (447 KB PDF)

   User guide authored with FrameMaker for "User Guides and FrameMaker" (370 KB PDF) 

   User Guide authored in XHTML for "Technical Documentation with XHTML and CSS" 

   Researched technical report authored with FrameMaker for "Researched Technical Reports and Proposals" (447 KB PDF) 

   Help system authored with RoboHelp for "Online Helps and RoboHelp"

   Vector graphic authored with CorelDRAW for "Graphics for Technical Writers" (20 KB GIF)

   Flow chart authored with Visio for "Graphics for Technical Writers" (20 KB GIF)

I completed nine eight-week courses in the Technical Writing Certificate Program at Brooklyn College. Course numbers link to course syllabi:

TW100: Grammar, Usage, Mechanics for Technical Writers

TW101: Technical Writing Fundamentals

TW102: Graphics for Technical Writers

TW103: User Guides and FrameMaker

TW104: Technical Documentation with XHTML and CSS

TW105: Online Helps and RoboHelp

TW106: Researched Technical Reports and Proposals

TW109: User Guides with Microsoft Word

TW110: Starting a Technical-Writing Career