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Downloading and Purchasing Your Calendar

To install the IDEAL Calendar on your computer, you must first download it from the Ideal Computer Services website. After installing the calendar on your computer, you can use it for 31 days before purchasing it. The next five sections of this guide show how to download, install, run, exit and purchase your IDEAL Calendar.

Downloading the IDEAL Calendar

To download the IDEAL Calendar, follow these steps:

Note: IDEAL Calendar 4.7 requires 3.92 MB of disc space and Windows® 9x®, NT®, 2000®, ME®, or XP®.

  1. Log on to the internet and go to the IDEAL Calendar download page: http://www.idealcs.com/calendar/download.htm.
  2. Click the Download button. A new web page appears and the download begins. If your internet browser blocks the download, follow the instructions on the new page on how to start the download.
  3. If your computer presents this security warning before the download begins, click Run to start the download:

    As the download progresses, a dialog box shows you the percentage of the download completed.

Installing the IDEAL Calendar on Your Computer

After you have downloaded the IDEAL Calendar, your computer may present this security warning:

To install the IDEAL Calendar on your computer:

  1. Click Run in the security warning dialog box. The setup (installation) program runs, and the welcome page for the calendar setup program appears.
  2. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the setup program beginning with the welcome page to install the IDEAL Calendar on your computer. The setup program asks you a few questions about yourself and about the folders you want to put the IDEAL Calendar program in. Most users can accept the default selections shown for the technical options and move through the setup program quickly.

After the installation is completed, your desktop appears. To place a calendar icon shortcut on your desktop, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start and then click Programs.
  2. Find IDEAL Calendar and click it. The three parts of IDEAL Calendar program appear: IDEAL Calendar, IDEAL Calendar Help, and Uninstall IDEAL Calendar.
  3. Of these three choices, click IDEAL Calendar but this time right-click it.
  4. From the options presented, click Create Shortcut.
  5. Click anywhere on your desktop, and you will find the icon shortcut for IDEAL Calendar.

Running the IDEAL Calendar

To run the IDEAL Calendar, simply double-click the calendar icon. The first time you run the calendar, the Quick Start dialog box appears over the calendar:

You can access all these options for customizing your calendar later. (See Customizing Your Calendar in this guide.) For now, be sure to check Start this program when Windows® starts, so the calendar will run whenever your computer is on. This way, IDEAL Calendar will notify you of upcoming events even when the calendar does not appear on your desktop.

After making your selections in the Quick Start dialog box, click OK to view the calendar.

Exiting the IDEAL Calendar

To exit the calendar, click the X in the top right corner of the calendar.

Purchasing and Registering the IDEAL Calendar

You can use the IDEAL Calendar for 31 days without purchasing it. To purchase the calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the internet and go to http://www.idealcs.com/calendar/order.htm. This page explains how to purchase the IDEAL Calendar online, by phone, or by mailing payment to IDEAL Computer Services.

    When you purchase your calendar using one of these methods, you receive a registration number. You must use this number to register your calendar if you wish to use it beyond the 31-day trial period.

  2. To register your calendar, open the calendar and click Help at the top of the calendar.
  3. From the options presented, click About IDEAL Calendar. This dialog box appears:
  4. Click Register. This dialog box appears:
  5. Type your name and registration number in the spaces provided and then click OK.
  6. When the first box appears again (About IDEAL Calendar), click OK to complete your registration.

About IDEAL Calendar

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